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Jesus (Héctor Medina) a shy, delicate, struggling hairdresser finds a genuine opportunity to enrich his life when he is given the chance to perform as a Drag Artist. But when Jesus’ abusive estranged father returns, he forcefully forbids the young man from performing. Jesus must decide to either fulfil his potential or wilt under the dictate of his father. What unfolds is a bittersweet story of pain, regret, and reconciliation, as the two men learn to know and respect each other for the first time. Featuring boisterous and often heart-breaking drag performance, Paddy Breathnach’s Oscar-shortlisted film is a tender and compassionate tale of finding one’s true voice.

“A beautiful, funny drama filmed in Havana that surges with rough humanity.” (The Irish Times)
“…at this film’s heart lies a real sense of tenderness.” –(The Guardian)
Best Irish Film, Audi Dublin International Film Festival 2016.

€9 / €7


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