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Galway Film Society's winter/spring 2016 season

Jan 11 2016

GRUMPY OLD men, bizarre love triangles, singers with stage fright, and American anti-capitalism will be the stuff of the cinema screen at The Galway Film Society's winter/spring 2016 season runs at the Town Hall Theatre from January 17 to March 20.

French film, In The Courtyard (2013 ), opens the season on January 17. Forty-something rock singer Antoine (Gustave Kervern ) has insomnia and stage fright who has decided to look for another job. He finds work as a caretaker of a Parisian apartment building, but he's not much good at this line of work either, but when Mathilde (Catherine Deneuve ), the woman who originally employed him, falls ill, she finds a friend and confidante in Antoine. The film won the Swann d’Or for Best Director at the 2014 Cabourg Film Festival.

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