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Language Unbecoming a Lady - a play that shows how far we've come

Jan 14 2016

LIMERICK'S BOTTOM Dog Theatre Company comes to the Town Hall Theatre Thursday January 21 at 8pm, with Myles Breen’s award-winning one-man play, Language Unbecoming A Lady.

First staged to great acclaim in 2009, the play recently featured in New York's '1st Irish' Theatre Festival, where Breen won the Best Actor award. “That was my first ever time in New York,” Breen tells me. “It was great to go over there with a show that was very dear to me. I was nervous about it because I hoped it was a universal story, though it has a very Irish flavour to it but the American audiences’ response was overwhelming.”

Through the character of an ageing drag queen, and drawing on the music of Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, Language Unbecoming A Lady offers a touching and funny story of growing up gay in Ireland from the late-seventies to the present day.

“It’s the story of one gay man’s life,” Breen says. “It reflects the changes in Irish society from growing up in a world where, as a gay, you felt very much an outsider and disenfranchised, to where we are now where you do feel equal. It’s a play that shows where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.”

Breen is struck by just how much things have changed in the few years since the play was first performed - thanks largely to the landmark Marriage Referendum. “There was one line in the original version, where I said ‘If you told me all those years ago we’d be arguing about this I’d have laughed in your face’ and then of course when I brought the play to New York I changed it, because even in that space of time the landscape had completely changed.

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