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A Sacrilegious Lesbian and Homosexual Parade

Jan 14 2016

A SACRILEGIOUS Lesbian and Homosexual Parade, Brian Fleming's acclaimed one-man show, described as “original, fun and different" by The Irish Times, will be performed in the Town Hall Theatre, as part of the actor/writer/musicians upcoming show Trilogy.

Brain Fleming, who has worked with The Chieftains, Jack L and Davy Spillane, will perform three one-man shows, across three weeks, at the Town Hall Theatre studio. The shows mixt drama, comedy, social commentary, projection, spoken word, live and recorded music, and "bad dance and bad striptease".

The run opens with Gis a Shot of Your Bongos Mister (Wednesday January 20 to Friday 22 ), where an Irishman brings some Senegalese friends to Fatima Mansions in 1990s Dublin. The second show, Have Yis No Homes To Go To (Wednesday January 27 to Friday 29 ) where "three and a half Galway clowns face down 1,500 refugees in a camp in Rwanda".

Read the full article on the Advertiser website.

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