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Paddy Cullivan - asking the big questions about 1916

Mar 29 2016

The 10 darkest secrets of 1916 to be explored in new multi-media show

FOR ITS own reasons, the State chose to celebrate the 1916 Rising a month shy of the actual date of the event itself, which took place in April 1916, not March.

Thankfully Paddy Cullivan, of Callan’s Kicks, The Late Late Show, Leviathan, and Kilkenomics, is doing the decent thing and holding a show about 1916 on the actual, proper, 100th anniversary of the event - April 24.

The 10 Dark Secrets of 1916 (and how they Shaped Ireland ) takes place in the Town Hall Theatre studio on Monday April 24, exploring the Rising, the War of Independence, and the Civil War, through satire, imagery, historical insight, and song.

Read the full article on the Advertiser website.

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