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Vamonos - a celebration of Flamenco

Jun 02 2016

Fatima Lucia'as farewell Galway concert

AT THE heart of flamenco is not a step, or a rhythm, or a song, but a quality known as Duende - a dark creative force, an expression of the soul and of struggle.

Duende is flamenco's driving force and the thread that links generations of performers to the style's 15th century roots in Andalusia, southern Spain, where Muslims, Jews, and Gypsies faced persecution from the Christian regime, and their cultural influences mixed with native Andalusian folk music to lay the foundations for this art form.

Flamenco will be performed and celebrated in the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday June 10 at 8pm in the show Vamonos. The show will be performed by Fatima Lucia, from Cadiz, Spain. After 23 years n Ireland, Fatima is now saying adios with a farewell show along with her band, Luna y Marte.

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