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The Nualas - Older Wiser Heftier

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3 divorces, 6 children and 200 botox injections later theyre back. After their packed launch gig in Dublin's Vicar St. in 2011 that prompted an instantaneous standing ovation, The Nualas have stormed the comedy scene with shows in Ireland and the U.K., all sold-out and packed to the rafters. Their upcoming tour includes fabulous all-new classics such as 'I Don't Know Who I Am' and 'Yummy Mummy Recession Blues', which premiered on Ireland's The Late Late Show in 2011.

PLUS all the scintillatingly hilarious chat and audience improvisation for which they are famed. Find out what Nuala, Nuala and Nuala have been up to - how theyve coped with the celebrity negativity equity, the radical episiotomies and the changes in showbiz culture since they last trod the boards: "The bikini is now the uniform for singing a song. Our record company wanted us to wear thongs tonight. We said forget about it K-Tel. We could have sold out a whole week here if wed gone for that. We said no, well just go for one night of dignity."

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