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By David Auburn
Directed by Drew Dunlap

Catherine turns 25 at mid-night one night with one of her father Robert’s former students Hal routing around in her Chicago home.  Her father was a mathematical genius professor who suffered from grapha-mania.  He wrote compulsively, filling their home with gibberish filled notebooks.  Hal is an awkward math professor and drummer for the nerdyist band in Chicago.  The next morning her sister Claire flies in from New York with plans to ‘help’ her.  Catherine mostly just sleeps all day, reads magazines and has spent the last three years taking care of her father.  That night Hal and Catherine discover that despite awkwardness and calling the police the night before they may in fact love each other.  The next morning Catherine shows Hal a notebook containing a ground breaking proof.  He thinks it must have been written by Robert.  The problem is that Catherine insists that she’s the true author.

Catherine has to convince those she cares about that she is telling the truth.  She also has to come to terms with exactly how much of her father’s genius and mental illness she may have inherited.  Proof is about a woman’s relationship with her father and her struggle to be trusted.  It is also, ultimately, a play about geeks and nerds.

Proof opened on Broadway in 2000 and has since won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony for best play.

Catherine- Aoife Corry
Robert- Gar Dempsey
Hal- Russell Browne
Claire- Lunelle Colleran

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