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by Patricia Burke Brogan

'We are scarred. We, their jailers.'

Listen again to this story, not through newspaper headlines or radio reports, but through the characters of eight women, whose lives converge at the Magdalene Laundry at Killmacha.

Here is Sr. Virginia, who struggles to obey. Mother Victoria is watching her, watching everyone, including Cathy who has failed yet again to escape. But she'll keep trying: her children are close by in the orphanage. Nellie-Nora reads tea leaves and resigns herself to a hidden life. Mandy dreams of marrying Elvis but Brigit fights like a tigress to find her baby.

That baby is Rosa, who traces her mother to the laundry 30 years later. And though the laundry is closed and dusty the wounds are still raw, the humour is still dark, the spirit is still fighting.

The story is still being told. Come listen.

'It is a harrowing play, written with feeling and power and grappling with some dark truths about life in Ireland that were concealed for too long.'- The Irish Times

Mephisto have been producing work in Galway since 2006. Past productions at the Town Hall Theatre include The Mai by Marina Carr, The Honey Spike by Bryan MacMahon and Grenades by Tara McKevitt.

Directed by Niall Cleary

Cast: Edel McGrath, Catherine Denning, Siobhán Donnellan, Caroline Lynch, Zita Monahan, Emma O'Grady, Margaret O'Sullivan and Liz Quinn.

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