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Inspired by the short stories of Canadian author Alice Munro, the new film from renowned Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar(Volver) sees him return to familiar territory, with a female-focused story about love, loss and regret. Julieta is set to leave Madrid for a life in Portugal with Lorenzo (Dario Grandinetti). It’s a chance to begin again, says Julieta, played in middle-age by a tentative Emma Suarez, and she won’t be coming back to Spain. However, a chance encounter in the street with Beatriz (Michelle Jenner), a childhood friend of Julieta’s estranged daughter Antia, throws her off track and the film’s plot into play. Julieta abruptly cancels her plans with Lorenzo, and leaves her sterile apartment to return to the building where she once lived with Antia. She starts to compose a letter to her daughter explaining the past. The room darkens to see the beautiful Adriana Ugarte in a train carriage playing a young Julieta and from here the film moves through time telling Julieta’s story and Almodovar keeps the aura of mystery on a tightwire until the final frame, the viewer always a step behind.

“Pedro Almodóvar’s Julieta is a guilt-soaked pleasure.” – Tim Robey, The Telegraph;

“This is classic Almodóvar, at home in Madrid for the most part, throwing vibrant colour on the screen in silky reds, blues and greens.” – Screen International

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