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This show is now over. Please see our full listing for other shows you might enjoy.

In conjunction with Town Hall Theatre, Subtitle European Film Festival, is delighted to return to Galway to present some of its most popular titles for a weekend best of! come and see popular, accessible comedies and dramas, which were huge hits in their own countries – they just happen not to be in English!

Layla M

27th Jan 18:45 BUY

Netherlands · 110 mins · 2016 · Drama

An astonishing film which charts a young Dutch Muslim’s fierce determination to find her place in the world. Layla M’s search for acceptance encourages her to lose herself in the teachings of Islam, and from there begins a story of magnetic power.

The Last Family

27th Jan 21:00 BUY

Poland · 123 mins · 2016 · Drama

The Last Family boasts three of the finest Polish performances committed to screen in recent years. The film is a portrayal of the intertwining lives of the Beksin´ski family. Zdzisław Beksin´ski was one of Poland’s most famous 20th century painters and his son a renowned translator and
radio journalist.

Lost In Munich

28th Jan 12:00 BUY

Czech Republic · 105 mins · 2016 · Comedy

Peter Zelenka’s hilarious mockumentary Lost in Munich offers new theories about the 1938 Munich agreement, which forced
Czechoslovakia to cede much of its border region to Germany and also reflects on the perils of filmmaking. A real Subtitle coup.


28th Jan 14:00 BUY

Romania · 89 mins · 2016 · Drama

Winner of the coveted Jury Award at the Odessa Film Festival, Adrian Sitaru’s dysfunctional family drama addresses different taboos in society and how they are shaped. A superbly constructed and brilliantly acted drama.


28th Jan 16:00 BUY

Germany · 103 mins · 2014 · Drama

This is a beautifully made and conceived picture from the director of Deutschland ’83, Edward Berger. Berger focuses on the gentle devastation that paternal rejection can generate, as we observe Jack evolve from a child with adult responsibility into a young adult whose eyes have finally been opened.

About Love

28th Jan 18:00 BUY

Russia · 115 mins · 2015 · Comedy, Drama

Another extremely classy instalment from the terrific Russian director Anna Melikyan. The film is an almanac of contemporary romantic stories set in a bustling Moscow, brought together by a university lecture about love. The cream of Russian acting talent is on display, including an hilarious cameo by Yuri Kolokolnikov.

The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Maki

28th Jan 20:30 BUY

Finland · 92 mins · 2016 · Drama · B&W

Juho Kuosmanen’s outstanding debut feature won the top prize in the Un Certain Regard section at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Inspired by the true story of Finland’s most successful boxer from the 1960s, it is a beautiful and powerful film about love and choice. Don’t miss this one.

Corn Island

29th Jan 13:00 BUY

Georgia · 100 mins · 2014 · Drama

Shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2014, this fable of life and death set in the dreamy landscapes of the fringes of far Eastern contemporary Europe. It is an exquisitely made and photographed picture from Georgia that draws you into its elegant and betwitching world.

Land Of Mine

29th Jan 15:15 BUY

Denmark · 100 MINS · Drama · Colour

This is a gripping story of a group of young German soldiers who are captured by the Danish forces at the end of WW2. The Allied forces give them a deadly task — removing their own mines that they had set along the coast of Denmark. One of the finest films to come out of Denmark in recent years. Don’t miss it.

The Closet

29th Jan 17:15 BUY

France · 84 mins · 2001 · Classic Comedy

When an accountant for a rubber factory, is about to lose his job, he spreads a rumour that he’s gay so that the company will be afraid to fire him, lest they come under fire for sexual
discrimination. A classic French comedy with a brilliant cast that hits all the beats.


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