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Cuckoo's Nest

The Black Box

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Footsbarn’s unique adaptation of Ken Kesey’s cult novel

This ode to freedom upholds the values of solidarity, humour and dignity in the face of the “Machine” of society, with its system of control, rules and punishment. Big heads, projections, life size puppets, comedy, film, live music, Footsbarn uses all its stage craft to blow life into this modern tale, more pertinent than ever.

Galway favourites Footsbarn, one of the world’s leading touring companies, are renowned for their exciting adaptations of classics such as Shakespeare and Molière transcending the barrier of language with their unique blend of visual theatre, music and magic. Don’t miss!

“Footsbarn’s influence can be detected in a subsequent generation of companies. Without Footsbarn, we may never have had Complicite, Kneehigh and Told by an Idiot: companies which reach out across the footlights and embrace the audience, recognising that circus and clowning are not dirty words.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Footsbarn Theatre Company consider their work to be accessible to all ages and certainly do not seek to shock, but it may be worth noting that UK promoters put an advisory Age 12+ on Cuckoo’s Nest owing to the subject matter. Cuckoo’s Nest show is warm and funny but also dramatic and extremely powerful - and it does deal with the treatment of psychiatric patients and ECT in the 70s.

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