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Brexit & Ireland

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This event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control

How will Brexit change your life?

Brexit represents the single greatest economic and foreign-policy challenge to the Irish state since the Second World War. There is hardly any area of Irish life that won’t be affected.

Inspired by the publication of Tony Connelly’s Brexit & Ireland, Penguin wants to highlight through vigorous debate and discussion the most pressing challenges Brexit will pose to Irish people across all sectors of life, from business to healthcare to agriculture and more.

Brexit Live will bring a panel of esteemed experts to engaged audiences where debate and discussion will be followed by a Q&A. Members of the public will have their chance to ask their own burning questions.

Our panel of experts will include RTÉ Europe Editor Tony Connelly, Irish Times journalist Fintan O’Toole, and Alison Cowzer of Dragon’s Den and founder of East Coast Bakehouse, chaired by Lise Hand of the Ireland edition of The Times with further names to be announced.

Brexit & Ireland by Tony Connelly

More than any other journalist, RTÉ’s Tony Connelly has been helping the public make sense of the implications of Brexit for Ireland. Now, he tells the dramatic untold story of the Irish response to this political and economic earthquake and lays out the agenda for the uncertain years ahead. Drawing on unprecedented access to insiders in Dublin, London, Belfast and Brussels, Brexit & Ireland is full of insights about how the EU actually works, and of colourful and revealing stories from the corridors of power. Connelly talks to the business leaders, farmers and entrepreneurs on the front lines of the crisis, and traces the various ways in which Brexit is likely to change our lives. Brexit & Ireland is an entertaining and revealing account of this ongoing drama, and a must-read for anyone who cares about Ireland’s future. Tony Connelly has been reporting on Europe for RTÉ since 2001, firstly as Europe Correspondent, and more recently as Europe Editor. He lives in Brussels.

This event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control

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