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Beauty And The Beast

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This show is now over. Please see our full listing for other shows you might enjoy.

Renmore's 39th annual pantomime promises to be a spectacular adventure of laughter, music and song, featuring a host of Galway performers, electrifying dance routines and of course the charming little Renmore Smurfs, who bring their unique sparkle to this seasonal feast of family entertainment!

The King and Queen arrive to the Kingdom of Renmore in search of their son, the Prince. Little do they know that he has been cursed by the Wicked Witch and turned into a Beast to be exiled to a lonely life in the Castle! When Belle's father, Potty Peter, plucks a rose from the Castle Gardens, the Beast is outraged and takes him captive. He later releases Peter in exchange for Belle, who he hopes will see beyond his beastly exterior. The townsfolk set out on a journey to save Belle. Will she be rescued? Will true love break the Witch's curse?

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Age Suitability:

Children of all ages attend our pantomime every year. There's lots of singing, dancing and colour which young children find particularly engaging. There may be occasional loud sounds or bright flashes that some children may find startling. We have a selection of video excerpts from previous pantos on our website that would give you some idea of what to expect and may help in deciding whether it would be suitable for your child.

Sometimes, we would recommend the sensory friendly performance for very young children who have not experienced panto before.

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