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Róisín Dubh presents

Gogol Bordello & Lucky Chops

The Black Box

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Standing, over 18s.

“Seekers and Finders is just a very magical and playful record for us,” says frontman Eugene Hütz of renowned gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello about their new album, the seventh in their wide-ranging oeuvre which came out in August, 2017.

“It just feels quite complete in capturing the Gogol familia transcontinental lifestyle, every side of it… the Good, The Bad, and the Snugly.”

Written over an extended time on three different continents, Seekers and Finders finds the nine-piece multi-cultural band in top form - an aural party of violins, accordions, trumpet, marimba amongst the standard rock basics of guitars, drum and bass.

“I was still bouncing between Latin America and Eastern Europe when songs were emerging, but finally, as soon as I moved back to New York, it all came into focus… as it always did for me here,” he explains.

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