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The Man In Black - Johnny Cash Tribute

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HE’S BACK! Direct from the USA  “The Man In Black” Returns to Galway!

DIRECT FROM THE U S A, the No. 1 Johnny Cash Tribute in America “The Man in Black” returns to Ireland for a short tour. After a sensational reaction last February, when he played to a sold out Town Hall Theatre in front of an ecstatic audience and received a prolonged standing ovation, we are delighted to have him back on Friday 9 March next.

Featuring the man from Cambridge, Ohio, USA, Terry Lee Goffee, with his band, this is one show you won’t want to miss. He sings like Johnny and he looks like Johnny and he performs just like the great man, with energy, charisma and vitality!

He regularly performs in Theatres all over the USA to great acclaim.

Acknowledged as the No. I interpreter of the great man’s music on the planet,

He first visited Ireland 8 years ago and all shows were sell outs.

Tommy Cash said, "The show is great, my brother would be proud"

Joanne Cash Yates said " It's a wonderful show, I would recommend it to anyone, you don't impersonate my brother, you pay tribute with honour. Terry Lee does this in spades”

Joanne and Tommy have come on stage and sang with Terry several times during  various performances on his USA tours.

Johnny's booking agent (Bonnie Sugarman) of 30 years and his manager Lou Robin have also attended Terry Lee’s shows

Sugarman said "Terry had it down, the moves, the sound, the look, everything". But above all, he relates to Johnny’s music like no other I have heard. It’s impossible to tell them apart”

Terry Lee Goffee is the walking embodiment of the late great Johnny Cash.

A not to be missed theatrical experience......

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