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The Harvest

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By Jane McCarthy

Life is sweet. Good job. Pretty wife. A nice house in the suburbs. Shame about the past, creeping up behind you...

Charlotte is back on track, thanks to support from her steadfast husband Malcolm and son, Evan. She thinks she's found another lifeline in her new friend, Shane. But Shane knows more about her idyllic life than she realises. And just how to destroy it.

 The Harvest

The Harvest is a tense thriller from acclaimed playwright, Jane McCarthy, about second chances and second lives. What we do when we have them, and what we might do to take them from others.

Cast: Marcus Lamb / John Morton / Melissa Nolan / Stephen O’Leary

"The world knows about me. It knows what I did and it doesn’t care anymore. But what about you? What about what you’ve done?" 'All hail The Harvest...thoughtful, modern, well-constructed and psychologically credible...a corker in an age of pretension' - The Sunday Independent

'A Pinteresque air of creeping dread pervades...This is pure realism, with relish... All four performances are first rate' - The Irish Independent

'One of the most accomplished pieces of new writing on stage in Dublin this year' - No More Workhorse

' emotionally intricate play [that has] an undercurrent of menace throughout.' - Mail on Sunday

'...a sparky tone is set with funny dialogue delivered with smooth timing...played with delicious awkwardness.' - The Sunday Times

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