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Starring Michelle O'Flanagan

Written and Directed by John Murphy

Smallone explores the life and struggles of an extraordinary little woman with an indomitable spirit. Mingey is an older woman, living alone and one that many would consider a bit odd or peculiar; not that she cares in the slightest what anyone thinks of her. She loves her cats, her home and Himself.

She guards her privacy ferociously and doesn’t like outsiders - unless they come bearing Club Milks.

She is cantankerous, mischievous, forthright, with her own unique phraseology - and a huge capacity for love. With her humour, forthrightness and courage Mingey elicits huge empathy as she struggles to hold on to the fragments of her little world.

75 minutes, no interval.

Moderate use of bad language.

Reference (but not graphic) to sexual abuse.

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