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Galway Film Fleadh 2019 - Wednesday

Town Hall Theatre

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Wednesday 10th July
Irish Talent: New Shorts 1 (Documentary) THT 12:00 €10 / €9 BUY

The Galway Film Fleadh is proud to present two programmes of documentary shorts this year This selection features works from both established and debut directors, showcasing the best of Irish talent.

Age rating: PG

Timebox Pálás 1 12:30 €10 / €9 BUY

Ioan Agapi, a charismatic documentary filmmaker in his 80’s from Romania, owns a unique collection of 16mm films documenting almost fifty years of history. His daughter, a filmmaker herself, has decided to make a film about her father's impressive archives.

In the unconventional surroundings of his old apartment, he reminisces about the past until the day Ioan is informed by a public officer that he must leave or be evicted from the apartment where he has spent 40 years. Ioan’s years of work suddenly transform into a huge burden, and the film unexpectedly changes into drama in which conflicts with city officials reveal old and hidden conflicts within the family.

Our Time Pálás 2 12:45 €10 / €9 BUY

A couple’s open relationship begins to crumble when the husband can’t control his jealousy, in Carlos Reygadas’ heartfelt exploration of marriage and intimacy, featuring the director and his wife in the leading roles.

Lost Reactor Pálás 3 12:45 €10 / €9 BUY

The Crimean Atomic Energy Station was one of the most expensive projects in the history of the Soviet Union, but it didn’t operate for even one day. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the completion of the complex was cancelled.

It now stands in ruins, but there are actually people living in this apparently deserted plant, on what is now Russian territory. An extraordinary tale of Russian hopes, dreams and perseverance.

Screwdriver Pálás 1 14:00 €10 / €9 BUY

After 15 years of imprisonment, Ziad struggles to adjust to modern Palestinian life as the hero everyone hails him to be. Unable to distinguish reality from hallucination he unravels and drives himself back to where it all began.

Confluence - A Galway Rhapsody THT 14:00 €15 / €14 BUY

Cumar — an exploration of confluence.Through the eyes of six Galway artists this is an art film exploring the confluences which have shaped Galway and Connemara’s unique cultural fabric.

Featured artists include writer Mike McCormack, poet Rita Ann Higgins, singer Róisín Seoighe, street theatre director Noeline Kavanagh, visual artist Padraic Reaney and musician Máirtín O'Connor. Comedian Tommy Tiernan also adds his distinctive voice to Cumar.

World Shorts: Programme 1 Pálás 3 14:30 €10 / €9 BUY

A new programme of the best in short filmmaking from across the globe. The first in our World series presents seven films featuring intimate portrayals of both subject and artist. This programme hosts a mix of live action and animated Irish Premieres, featuring work from an array of countries including, France, Canada and the United States

Age rating: 12

Glimpses of Galway THT 16:00 €10 / €9 BUY


IFI returns to the Galway Film Fleadh with another new programme of archival films made in and about Galway and environs from the silent days to more recent times. The programme includes both amateur and professional material dating from the 1920s to the 1970s and will cover such a broad range of people and places that you may well see yourself or someone you know on screen.

The silent films in the programme will be accompanied by Aran Island fiddler Deirdre Ní Chonghaile

This year’s programme includes

• Wonderful Western Islanders (1924) –recently rediscovered and restored, this is the earliest surviving film made on the Aran Islands and features unique footage of the island’s abseiling cliffmen; the making of pampooties and the local version of shot-putting

• Connemara’s Appeal (1925) documents the dire circumstances in which the people of Connemara found themselves following a bad winter and a failed harvest

• a selection of newsreels from Gael Linn’s Amharc Éireann series (1959- 63) includes a Demonstration of Seine Net Fishing in Galway Bay (1959), a fundraising push from Galway to Dublin in a Barrel (1961), and an Atlantic Fisherman’s strike (1964)

• Return to the Island (1965) sees John Huston at home in St Clerans Manor House in Craughwell County Galway - “a jewel of a country and the bedrock of the world"".

• Jim Mulkern’s - An Gheilge Bheo (1975) follows a young girl as she fondly remembers her summer at Irish College in the Connemara Gaeltacht when she visited Padraig Pearse’s cottage and Raidió na Gaeltachta and enjoyed a trip to Aran Mór.

Cléo from 5 to 7 Pálás 2 16:00 €10 / €9 BUY

Cleo, a singer and hypochondriac, becomes increasingly worried that she might have cancer while awaiting test results from her doctor.

Agnès Varda eloquently captures Paris in the 60's with this real-time portrait of a Cléo (Corinne Marchand) set adrift in the city as she waits for news. A chronicle of the minutes of one woman’s life, Cléo from 5 to 7 is a spirited mix of vérité and melodrama, featuring a score by Michel Legrand and cameos by Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina.

The Brink Pálás 1 16:15 €10 / €9 BUY

After leaving the Trump administration, embattled former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is free to peddle influence as a perceived kingmaker in an effort to spread his brand of extreme nationalism to the rest of the world.

Tracking his moves through the 2018 American mid-term elections, director Alison Klayman’s startling fly-on-the-wall documentary sheds light on Bannon’s efforts to mobilize and unify far-right parties, starting in Europe with controversial figures like Nigel Farage, Jérôme Rivière, Matteo Salvini, Filip Dewinter and Kent Ekeroth.

Ray & Liz Pálás 3 16:30 €10 / €9 BUY

On the outskirts of Birmingham and the margins of society the Billingham family perform extreme rituals and break social taboos as they muddle through a life decided by factors beyond their control.

At times shocking and laced with an unsettling humour, three episodes unfold as a powerful evocation of experience of growing up in a Black Country council flat.

Mr. Jones THT 17:30 €10 / €9 BUY

Gareth Jones is an ambitious young Welsh journalist who travelled to the Soviet Union in 1933 to uncover the appalling truth behind the alleged Soviet ‘utopia’ and Stalin’s regime.

Following his deportation to London, Jones publishes an article revealing the horrors he witnessed. The atrocities are denied by Western journalists reporting from Moscow, all of whom are under pressure from the Kremlin. As death threats mount, Jones has to fight for the truth. Meeting a young author by the name of George Orwell, Jones shares his findings thus helping to inspire the great allegorical novel Animal Farm.

Ghostbox Cowboy Pálás 2 17:45 €10 / €9 BUY

A delusional Texas entrepreneur reinvents himself as a cowboy in China's tech wild west, but finds himself at the mercy of corrupt American expats looking to reinvent him once more.

Golden Youth Pálás 1 18:15 €12 / €11 BUY

Paris 1979. At the height of the Palace disco years. Rose, a 16-year-old girl raised in foster care, and her fiancé Michel, 22, are passionately and unguardedly in love for the first time. They are part of the “in” crowd, only interested in partying and living life to its fullest. One evening, they meet Lucille and Hubert, a bourgeois-hippy couple, who are going to take Rose and Michel under their wing – and shake their existence to the core.

Once Aurora Pálás 3 18:30 €12 / €11 BUY

Aurora is a pop music sensation from a small town in Western Norway. She was discovered at the age of 16, dropped out of school, and spent the next years touring the world with her first album. At the age of 20 she is at a breaking point. Is this really what she wants, and if not, does she have any other option but to continue?

The Ground Beneath My Feet Pálás 2 19:30 €12 / €11 BUY

Lola is a jet-setting high-powered business consultant who excels at the aggressive tactics and nonstop work her job requires. Lola manages her personal life with the same ruthless efficiency she uses to optimize profit margins but when family tragedy strikes, Lola’s secrets threaten to explode into the open. As she tries to do what’s best for her family without jeopardizing all she’s worked so hard for, Lola slowly finds her grip on reality slipping away.

Supervized THT 19:45 €15 / €14 BUY

An elderly group of international superheroes have retired to a nursing home in Ireland. Heroic adventures have been swopped for bingo and blanket baths. When one of the group dies after having his superpowers ‘downwardly managed’ for the safety of others, one of them suspects foul play.

Ray, the once world renowned ‘Maximum Justice’, decides to investigate. The rest of the gang are not so convinced, and Ray finds himself not only battling against his enemies, but the stigma and restrictions of old age.

The Best Sommelier In The World Galmont Veranda Lounge 20:00 €30 BUY

The world’s best sommeliers have 3 days to demonstrate the results of a whole life devoted to study and learning. The prestigious World Sommelier Competition is held to crown the best in the trade.

This fascinating documentary captures the human experience of the competition, gradually focusing on the participants and their personal backgrounds.

Gas Food Lodging Pálás 3 20:00 €15 / €14 BUY

Sisters Shade and Trudi live in a remote New Mexico town with their mother, Nora, who waits tables at a nearby truck stop. The introspective Shade spends much of her time alone at the movies, while Trudi is more outgoing and rebellious. Both girls are restless and looking for romance, Shade also hopes to play matchmaker and find a nice guy for her hardworking mother.

A Bread Factory, Part One Pálás 1 20:30 €15 / €14 BUY

Director Patrick Wang makes a welcome return to the Fleadh following the success of previous features In the Family and The Grief of Others.

Forty years ago, Dorothea and Greta transformed an abandoned bread factory in the sleepy town of Checkford, transforming it into a vibrant arts space. It quickly became the heart of their local community, showcasing theatre, dance, music and film. Suddenly their very existence is threatened as a big business celebrity couple move into town and construct an enormous competitive arts venue, sucking up funding and audiences almost overnight. Starring Tyne Daly (Spiderman: Homecoming, Judging Amy, Cagney & Lacey) and James Marsters (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer).

Before Stonewall Pálás 2 21:45 €12 / €11 BUY

The riots that followed the arrests at New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 are widely considered to be a major development in the history of gay and lesbian rights in America. This documentary investigates national cultural perceptions of homosexuality prior to the event including past perceptions over previous decades, particularly in regard to police conflicts and censorship. In addition to interviews with activists and scholars, the film includes the reflections of renowned writer Allen Ginsberg.

My Foolish Heart THT 22:00 €15 / €14 BUY

Amsterdam, 1988. Detective Lucas is charged to investigate the mysterious death of jazz legend Chet Baker. His exploration of Baker’s last days takes him on a dark musical journey in which he will need to face his own demons and shadows. Galway’s own Steve Wall (The Stunning, The Walls) stars.

Memory: The Origins Of Alien Pálás 3 22:30 €12 / €11 BUY

In 2019, Ridley Scott’s Alien will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its theatrical release.

Memory reveals the chilling, untold origins of Ridley Scott’s cinematic masterpiece Alien, rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythology, underground comics, parasitology, H.P. Lovecraft’s weird fiction, the art of Francis Bacon, and the symbiotic genius of Dan O’Bannon (writer), H.R. Giger (designer), and, of course, Ridley Scott.

Discover a treasure trove of unreleased materials from the O’Bannon and Giger estates, including original story notes, rejected designs and storyboards, sketches and concept art, behind-the-scenes photographs and footage, and Dan O’ Bannon’s never-before-seen, original 29-page script from 1971, titled ‘Memory’.