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Moomsteatern presents

The Erased

Town Hall Theatre

Written and Directed by Nina Jemth & Pelle Öhlund

The story unfolds around a table. That everyday kitchen table known to us all, a meeting point in constant change and stagnation. Sit down and join us for burlesque theatre, circus art and visual magic, highlighted by music and an absurd sense of humour.

The Erased is a play independent of spoken language, told with visual magic, emotional music and a large chunk of liberating humour. This artistic collaboration between Jemth, Öhlund and Moomsteatern has created stage art that appeals to the emotions of the audience, much like music, poetry and dance.

This show is part of Crossing The Line, a pan-European theatre Festival celebrating artists with intellectual disabilities. Produced by Galway’s Blue Teapot Theatre Company, it will run from 20-23 May 2020. For more on Crossing the Line visit

€15 / €12.50

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