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Baboró 2021

Town Hall Theatre

This show is now over. Please see our full listing for other shows you might enjoy.

For its 25th festival, Baboró will be celebrating the rights of the child with a strand of events and performances dedicated to giving children a platform for their voice to be heard, a space for expression and, of course, a festival experience to be enjoyed with family and friends.

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Get Curious on the Shore

 Banner Get Curious

Ages Friday 3-5, Saturday 5+ / 45 min

Join Dr. Norin Burke and Dr. Sarah Gundy as they explore the seashore at Grattan Beach, finding animals that make their own glue, drill holes in other animals and shoot out stinging cells (note no danger to humans!). Examine slimy seaweed, crazy crabs, and sensational sand!

The workshop will explore ways in which our health can benefit from the ocean. You will discover sponges and how their slime can fight cancer and harmful microbes. You will learn how scientists are trying to copy the way marine organisms, such as barnacles and mussels, glue themselves to things to make surgical glues. Seaweeds and crustacean shells will be examined - can be transformed into easily injectable ‘hydrogels’ that can heal wounds and deliver medicine? After the beach, you will go hunting for sea treasures along the prom and in the aquarium. Registered attendees will receive a 25% discount on entry to the aquarium immediately after the workshop.

Friday 8th 11am, 12:30pm / Saturday 9th 12pm, 1:30pm

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The Veiled Ones

 Banner The Veiled Ones

Dance Theatre / Ages 8+ / 60 min

This dance theatre production for young audiences explores witches, transformations, and the powerful relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. Created by a multi-award winning team and loosely informed by Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches,’ the audience is invited on an intriguing journey through intricately designed rooms with a cast of internationally acclaimed dancers, young performers, and live musicians.

'The Veiled Ones' was co-commissioned for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture by TRACKS Network: Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Cork Midsummer Festival, and Dublin Fringe Festival.

Thursday 7th: 4pm / Saturday 9th: 11am, 1pm Sunday 10th: 11am, 2pm

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 Banner Rothar

Theatre / Ages: 4-8 / 45 min

Where can you go when there is nowhere to go?

In the little bike shop at the end of town, a world of adventure awaits. Two boys and their bikes travel the world in a show that conjures play from the everyday and where anything is possible. Created by Branar Téatar do Pháistí and performed by Miquel Barceló and Moisés Mas García, this joyful production celebrates the places your imagination can take you.

‘Rothar’ is produced in association with Drama NUI Galway and Baboró International Arts Festival for Children as part of Creative Europe’s Mapping Project.

Saturday 9th: 11am, 2pm / Sunday 10th: 11am, 2pm

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The Streets are Ours

 Banner The Streets Are Ours

DANCE / All Ages / 10 min

Join us for 'The Streets Are Ours' a short promenade performance by Galway children in the environs of Galway Community Circus. 'The Streets Are Ours' was co-created by local children with Erik Kaeil, Arch 8 (The Netherlands), Isabela Melo, Galway Community Circus, and Fionnuala Doyle-Wade, Galway Dance Project during lockdown in Spring 2021.

This is the first time the children will get to perform together for an in person audience. The collaborative performance combining parkour, contemporary dance and circus skills was developed as part of RISE, Baboró's Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Saturday 9th: 4:30pm, 5:30pm

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Salt of the Sea

 Banner Salt Of The Sea

Theatre / Ages 6+ / 35-40 min

In his latest outdoor adventure songster Little John Nee is joined by musician Fionn Robinson as they travel across County Galway determined to make friends with nature. But, it appears that sometimes nature doesn’t want to be friends. Through song and comedy, LJ and Fionn tackle some difficult questions that cannot be ignored: Why is sea water salty not sweet? What’s the story with nettles?

In ‘Salt of the Sea’ Little John and long-time collaborator Fionn present a travelling outdoor concert of songs and stories, featuring a variety of intriguing instruments played with comic gusto and questionable virtuosity. The stories and songs centre around themes that engage the existential curiosity of young audiences regarding our relationship with the living things that surround us, from nettles to jellyfish, from cherry blossom trees to bees knees and the rare human being that is Captain Salt, who lives in a tugboat but has never been to sea.

Ultimately, this show is a celebration of life and community that provides a much needed boost to the immune system through laughter, wonder, and song.

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

 Banner Enormous Wings

Theatre / Ages 8+ / 45 min

Gabriel García Márquez’s darkly comic tale, brought to the stage for children and adults to share.

In a kitchen, in a theatre, two storytellers and their audience find something remarkable— a very old man with enormous wings. The wise neighbour woman tells us he’s an angel. The priest says he’s an imposter. Pilgrims flock to see him, hoping to be healed by him, hoping for a gawp. They leave with something different than what they expected.

Adapted from Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes,’ Collapsing Horse in 2019 brought this classic piece of magical realism to the stage in search of its beautiful, strange, emotional richness. Now, it comes to Baboró to enthrall Galway audiences.

Wednesday 13th, 4:30pm, 7pm / Saturday 16th, 1pm, 4pm / Sunday 17th, 12pm, 3pm

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 Banner Bird Boy

Dance / Ages 9+ / 40 min

Once there was a boy who wished he was a bird. He wished he could just fly away and be free of all his worries.

Birdboy is a trip inside his head. In his whirring mind, thoughts, worries, fantasies all compete for space in a world where fitting in is hard to do.

Full of fun and sorrow, this kaleidoscopic show, performed by dancer Kévin Coquelard, celebrates the power of imagination and offers a vision of hope and connection.

Saturday 16th, 12pm, 3:30pm

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