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Enthroned / Baggage

Town Hall Theatre

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Writer/Performer - Jenny Macdonald, Director and Dramaturg - Joe Salvatore

Enthroned by Jenny Macdonald - Princess Jenny is an everyday heroine on a quest to become a queen with a throne of her own. Along the way she needs to fend off some adversaries from both outside and within. A modern fairytale that travels the world discovering the things we need to say and what it takes to say them.


Writer/Performer - Nicole Rourke, Director - Deirdre Molloy

Baggage by Nicole Rourke - This is the story of a woman unpacked. The seams have burst, the lid is lifted, her secrets are out. Baggage takes us on a dark comic journey from a small town in Ireland to the dance floors of Buenos Aires. This is not a coming of age story - she is far too old for that. This is a coming of rage!