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Anne Gildea’s - How To Get The Menopause & Enjoy It

Town Hall Theatre

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Anne Gildea is waxing her moustache, slathering on the Oestrogel and boiling with excitement about bringing her hilarious new show on the road. Join her on this fabulous, informative, wet-your-pants excursion through one of life’s last great mysteries - The Menopause!

What is it? Why does it happen? How come some women sail through it and it turns others into off-the-scale nutjobs? Is there anything you can do about it? Why is it named after men? And why oh why is so little known about this inevitable phase of lady-life?

Anne answers all these questions and more as she rips through every angle and embraces Menopause’s greatest gift; THE SUPERPOWER OF NOT GIVING A S%@TE!

Join Anne for this unique and hilarious show, it’s a classic in the making!

"I haven’t laughed so much for so long." / "Outrageously & wonderfully funny. She gets a conversation going instead of all the shushing everyone goes on with." / "Seriously funny and hilariously clever." / "My ribs are sore from laughing." / "There twice. Brilliant show." / "So canny, funny, smart, on-point and hilarious. GO SEE IT!" / "I wet myself."

Anne Gildea is a comedienne and writer, known for her unique brand of humour. A founder and member of the popular comedy-musical trio The Nualas, this new show is her most ambitious project to date.

Duration 110 mins incl interval