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Banff Mountain Festival World Tour 2023

Town Hall Theatre

This show is now over. Please see our full listing for other shows you might enjoy.

Witness a night of thrilling adventure – up on the big screen!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival features a brand-new collection of short films filled with extreme journeys, untamed characters and captivating cinematography! Join the world’s top adventure filmmakers and thrill-seekers as they climb, ski, paddle and ride into the wildest corners of the planet!

With free prize giveaways, this is an unmissable event from the world’s most prestigious mountain festival – guaranteed to ignite your passion for adventure, action and travel!

This is a screening of the Red Film Programme. See for more.


Most summer holidays don’t involve skiing hundreds of kilometres over a frozen fjord in the Arctic Circle, but adventurers Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry are not most people. On a romantic getaway with a difference, the duo set off on a 45-day expedition through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in Canada, in search of stunning cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to white-water kayak.

THE NINE WHEELS 22 minutes

A story of choosing to live life to the fullest in the face of adversity. The Schneeberger family includes mountain bike stars of the future Emric (10) and Raoul (13), plus their parents Toni and Laetitia. Packed with emotion, soul and high-power riding scenes, this film explores what it is like to live with a disability, brotherly love, the devotion of parents and living life one day at a time.


Brazilian engineer Rafael Bridi is on a quest to find complete freedom… and his search has taken him above the clouds. Establishing a slackline between two hot air balloons over the Praia Grande in Brazil, Rafael is hoping to break the record for the world’s highest slackline walk. To succeed he will need motivation, discipline and mindfulness at almost 2,000m above the ground.

WILD WATERS 45 minutes

Adventurer, competitor and badass human are all words used to describe French kayaker Nouria Newman. As she prepares to become the first female to run a 100ft (30m) waterfall,Wild Watersfollows Nouria’s journey from young Olympic hopeful to one of the greatest kayakers of all time. However, running some of the world’s hardest white-water isn't Nouria's biggest challenge - expectations placed upon her as an athlete and as a woman weigh heavily on her decisions and she pushes back to make her own path.

BRIDGE BOYS 30 minutes

Kept away from towering cliffs abroad because of lockdown, top British climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall are forced to look closer to home for adventure. Enter one of the most unusual climbs ever attempted – a 2,600ft horizontal groove beneath a motorway bridge on the M5. Sleeping on ledges suspended from the bridge, the pair face ferocious climbing moves, bridge-shaking traffic and police suspicion on this extraordinary Devon challenge.

FLOW 5 minutes

Big mountain skier Sam Favret explores the closed resort of Chamonix during the unusual winter of 2021. With spectacular aerial footage of iconic mountain faces, this captivating short offers a dose of unreality, serenity and Sam's powerful skiing, but above all the pleasure of rediscovering a playground allowed to return back to its wild state.

Age Guidance: 12A