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The House of Bernardó Alba

The Black Box

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Federico García Lorca

Ériu’s production of ‘The House of Bernardó Alba’ will bring contemporary Irish music, theatre and dance to bear on Lorca’s original script. Drawing from shared historical and cultural links between Ireland and Spain, including the ways in which gender and domesticity were given meaning by a dominant Catholic political culture, Ériu explores the fertile ground for creative expression in the interstices of the two cultures.

Using a Queer lens, the male players acquire some of the traditionally female roles to explore the play’s themes of subservience, coercive power and complicity through channelling their personal experiences from across the spectrum of human sexual and gender identity.

Key aspects of Iberian dance culture are drawn upon to excavate shared modes of creative expression through dance.

Duration: 2 hrs incl interval


Maria Josefa – John FitzGerald
Bernardó Alba – Breandán de Gallaí
Poncia – Laura Lundy
Prudencius & Servant – MacDarragh FitzPatrick
Augustias – Shannon Burke
Magdalena (Pepe) – James Greenan
Amelia – Caoimhe Ennis
Mantirio – Sarah Fennell
Adeló – Odhrán McLaughlin


Director & Dramaturge: Michèle Manahan
Co-Director & Choreographer: Breandán de Gallaí
Composer: Natasa Paulberg
Lighting Design: Tim Feehily


The score is being created by internationally acclaimed composer Natasa Paulberg

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