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As a consequence of the Coronavirus crisis, the Town Hall Theatre will remain closed to the public until after 31 August. All events in the interim period have had to be cancelled. Full refunds will apply to customers when an event is cancelled. Some events beyond August have been cancelled or rescheduled. If you have queries regarding refunds for cancelled events and transfers to rescheduled dates, please email or call 091 569777. Read more

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Aug 06 2020

Announcing the 2020 Baboró International Arts Festival

Celebrating children, families and community through art in all of its forms

We are delighted to announce that the 24th Baboró International Arts Festival for Children will take place in October. Our programme for 2020 will safely bring live performances, creative artistic experiences, visual art installations and interactive digital experiences to theatres, classrooms and homes over an extended period of several weeks.

This year’s festival will be an opportunity for families to celebrate together and have fun So much has been asked of children this year and we want to take a moment to celebrate them through this festival. We have been separated from our friends, teachers, coaches and extended families but yet we have found new ways to come together safely while staying apart. Baboró sees an opportunity to celebrate the togetherness that has been lost and found in this challenging time.

At its heart the festival will be a recognition of how much has been sacrificed by children and families in recent months and the promotion of kindness to self and to others. This year’s festival will be an opportunity for families to come together, to find creative expression for the upheaval of the past few months, and most importantly, to have fun.


Aug 05 2020

Town Hall Theatre Partners with Dublin Fringe Festival

Town Hall Theatre Galway is delighted to partner with Dublin Fringe Festival on the Festival’s exciting new Artist At Work residency announced today Wednesday 5 August and even more delighted to be working with local theatre artist Oisin Robbins as part of the initiative.

Oisin is a Galway-based theatre-maker and the founder of Beluga Theatre. In 2019, Oisin travelled to Denmark to learn about Skawman. With support from Town Hall Theatre, he will be working on a new project My Wardrobe is My Home, as a result of this research. It is an exploration of one person’s decision to live differently and how society responds.

The Artist At Work initiative is a paid residency for artists whose ambitions Dublin Fringe Festival want to back and ideas the Festival wants to develop. Dublin Fringe Festival think this is an important moment to spotlight the idea that being an artist is a job, and to illuminate artistic process as work. The artists were selected from the Festival’s pool of applicants following an open call.

Dublin Fringe will provide a fee for the artists to work close to home on their idea/ practice for one week during the festival dates, 5-20 September; the festival will feature the artist in their brochure, send them a bespoke welcome pack in the post, and document their week’s work on social media channels. Town Hall Theatre will provide a space for Oisin to work in, and other support.

Dublin Fringe is about more than what happens inside the Festival dates – it is a whole season of art making together. It’s that hum of talent and industry you can feel as hundreds of artists in dozens of rooms across the country work to turn reality in to dreams. Dublin Fringe refuse to lose that energy - preparation for the future continues. Dublin Fringe are supporting 50 sets of artists who introduced themselves to the Fringe through their open call application process to participate in an expanded FRINGE LAB programme from July to December of this year. Dublin Fringe are investing in their practice through mentorship and masterclass opportunities, and in their ideas through residencies and development bursaries, facilitating their work at home or in studio, safely, all over the country. Dublin Fringe are doing their part to make sure those precious sparks are kindled, so that their big ambitions are ready to catch fire when the time is right. Town Hall Theatre are delighted to be part of this programme of initiatives.

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Aug 04 2020

Like a phoenix from the flames

Despite Covid-19, key elements from the summer line-up are ready for an autumn showing

“It felt like we were in the wrong town,” says John Crumlish, managing director of Galway International Arts Festival, recalling what it was like to walk around the centre of the city in mid-July, when Ireland’s biggest summer arts event would normally be in full swing. Usually, the place would be hopping. This year it was “positively funereal”, says festival director Paul Fahy. According to data from the city council, footfall in that period was 150,000 this year, compared to 850,000 in 2019.

There was, of course, no GIAF this summer for the first time in decades. The inevitable was finally accepted on May 1st, when the cancellation was officially announced to nobody’s real surprise. But now here, like a phoenix from the flames, comes Galway International Arts Festival Autumn Edition, with many of the key elements from this summer’s programme revived and ready for presentation.


Jul 27 2020

This Beautiful Virtual Village

Next month, join The Abbey Theatre’s virtual village as they bring a new version of Lisa Tierney-Keogh's award-winning play, This Beautiful Village, straight to your home. The production’s planned visit to the Town Hall Theatre in June was cancelled because of Covid-19.

Now and as part of the Abbey’s recently announced 2020 programme, Lisa Tierney-Keogh has updated her 'explosively funny' (Sunday Business Post) sold-out at the Abbey 2019 show to reflect lockdown living.

This Beautiful Virtual Village will be available to watch online from 7.30pm on 17th August, for one month only. Tickets are just €5.

This exciting and provocative show sees a residents' association get together on Zoom to discuss a piece of graffiti in their town, with explosive results.

Join the Abbey for the Online Premiere of This Beautiful Virtual Village on August 17th at 7.30pm.



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