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May 17 2019

Writer/director John Murphy discusses Smallone

'The play has been hugely emotive for audiences'

Smallone Introduces us to a solitary, ageing woman, Mingey, who loves her cats, Peru, and Club Milks. She hates Sunday Mass-ones, mangy mutts, and papery sausages. She is feisty and mischievous and has a heart full of love.

She guards her privacy like a treasure. She refuses to be cowed by other people’s view of her or surrender to the sadness she sometimes feels. This is Smallone, the tender and moving play, which Limerick’s Bottom Dog Theatre Company is bringing to the Town Hall Theatre.

“Mingey is one of these people that we can see any day of the week walking around our local town, or she could be someone in our family or a neighbour,” playwright John Murphy tells me. “She’s someone who has gotten a little lost. When we look at them they might be dressed a bit strange or be a bit smelly. She has found herself isolated by her own life. When I was growing up there’d always be a strange woman who lived on her own and we’d be afraid of. The play explores how somebody becomes like that and what their lives are and how we tend to judge them without knowing them. It peers behind the curtain of her life and we slowly get to know her and understand her and, hopefully, like her.”


May 17 2019

Get some Self-Help with the Dirtbirds

Comedians Sue Collins and Sinead Culbert to guide Galwegians through the stresses and strains of modern life

If making the school lunches, doing the homework with the children, and dodging the guards because your NCT is out by two years, is sending you over the edge, you are not alone.


May 14 2019

Druid theatre company says it will produce only new plays in 2019

New writing ‘has to be nurtured and taken care of’, says artistic director Garry Hynes

Druid, the theatre company with an international reputation for its innovative stagings of classics, from Shakespeare to Beckett to Tom Murphy, is dedicating 2019 to producing only new plays, aiming to “develop and widen the boundaries around the existing canon and to build the appetite and audiences for new writing”.

In three weeks the Galway-based company goes into rehearsal for the world premiere of Epiphany by Brian Watkins, in association with Galway International Arts Festival, where it will open in July. The Brooklyn-based writer is a “serious new voice”, according to Garry Hynes, Druid’s artistic director.


May 10 2019

Inspiration and adrenaline in Banff Mountain Festival

The Town Hall Theatre will host an evening of adventure films from the wildest corners of the globe next Monday, May 13.

These new short films are taken from Canada’s renowned Banff Mountain Festival, which is currently on a tour of Ireland and the UK.

Skier Vs Drone, set in Utah, is the story of a man against a machine on a slalom ski course.

How to run 100 Miles follows Jayson Sime, a young man who has faced many challenges in life, as he attempts a100-mile mountain ultramarathon.

Viacruxis is an animated show based on legendary mountaineers, Marcel and Andrezj and what happens when one attempts to step out from the other’s shadow.


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