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Sep 19 2019

What if Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom?

Speculative history explored in The Alternative

WHAT IF Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom? What if Home Rule had passed in 1914? What would Ireland be today in that case? These are some of the questions posed in The Alternative.

The Alternative by Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney, will be presented by Fishamble: The New Play Company in the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday October 1 at 8pm.

It is the eve of the Referendum. British prime minister Ursula Lysaght is returning to her hometown of Dublin to convince voters to Remain. With the threat of chaos in the streets, and personal conflict behind the scenes, the final debate is set to begin at BBC Dublin: Should Ireland leave the UK?


Sep 14 2019

Magic Garden Festival 2020

Earlier this year, That’s Life Arts Program extended Club Tropicana to a three day festival – Magic Garden! It was a major success. Next year, it will be a five day event. We can’t wait!

Well done to all who made Magic Garden possible - That’s Life, the funders, the volunteers from the Jes, Galway Bay FM, all the artists, Town Hall staff and the festival goers from across the city and country that made these three days an event to remember. Hope you enjoy these highlights!

Sep 12 2019

Marty Rea discusses Druid’s world premiere of The Beacon

'Vibrancy, vitality and great story-telling'

THIS MONTH, Druid Theatre Company presents the world premiere of The Beacon by Nancy Harris, at the Town Hall Theatre. Directed by Garry Hynes, the play is a co-production with Dublin’s Gate Theatre and is Druid’s second world premiere of 2019, following Epiphany at Galway International Arts Festival.

In The Beacon, Beiv, a celebrated artist, has moved from suburban Dublin to her holiday cottage on an island off the West Cork coast, but a dark shadow from the past hangs over her. When her estranged son Colm, and his new wife Bonnie, arrive to stay, she is faced with some difficult questions. Harris’s script combines the suspense of a gripping whodunit with psychologically nuanced portrayals of the play’s characters and the shifting dynamics of their relationships.

Colm is played by Marty Rea and, during a break in rehearsals on Tuesday afternoon, he shared his thoughts on the play. “The first time I read the script, it had that Daphne du Maurier feel; there is a mystery at the heart of it, and big family secrets, and all that was thrilling to read,” he begins. “It pushed you on, story-wise, to find out more. Psychologically these characters are very well drawn by Nancy. There is a lot of delving to be done and that’s the type of explorative character-work, the moment-to-moment psychological games, that Garry is brilliant at. We have been digging down deep in rehearsal and the play is very rich so it can put up with that kind of digging done on it.”


Sep 12 2019

Auditions for Renmore panto

Renmore Panto to also hold a ball to celebrate 40 years of shows

AUDITIONS ARE about to be held for Aladdin, the 41st annual Renmore pantomime, with parts available for principal roles, the chorus, and solo guest singers.

Auditions for chorus (on-stage dancing ), for ages 15+, take place this Saturday at 5.30pm and Tuesday September 17 at 8pm in the Renmore Scouts Den, beside the Kingfisher Club.


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