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Nov 28 2022

Don Pasquale Review Bringing Laughter from 19th Century Italy


Nov 25 2022

Comedian Shane for city show

Shane Clifford, who has been described by podcaster and comedian Blindboy as ‘The best comedian in Ireland, hands down’, will be at the city’s Town Hall Studio next Thursday, December 1, at 8.30pm to perform his new show, AW Class.

It’s being presented by the Lisa Richards Agency who are promising loads of laughter as Tralee man Shane tries and fails to get to grips with rugby fans, posh dogs, sinister yoghurt and retail breakdowns.


Nov 25 2022

INO present Donizetti comedy at Town Hall

Irish National Opera will return to Galway next Thursday, December 1, to present Donizetti’s Don Pasquale in the Town Hall Theatre at 8pm.

Donizetti’s sparkling operatic comedy is an intergenerational tug-of-war about love and money. It features Don Pasquale, a grumpy old bachelor; Ernesto, his good-looking young heir; and Norina, an attractive young widow.


Nov 19 2022

Cormac loving role in dance show that needs no words

Musician Cormac Begley can speak fluidly and freely in both Irish and English as anyone who watches the TG4 series, Slí na mBeaglaoich, will be aware.

It’s rare that he’s reluctant to be drawn but when it comes to describing the dance show, MÁM, he isn’t forthcoming. And it’s not that he’s being difficult – it’s just that “words don’t do it justice,” he says.

MÁM, created by choreographer and dancer Michael Keegan-Dolan, premiered at the 2019 Dublin Theatre Festival and travelled to places including Australia and New Zealand before Covid stopped all touring.