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Jun 17 2020

Remote Control - New Artist Development Programme Announces Participants

Initiative will support three Galway artists in a 3 month residency

James Riordan (Theatre Artist in Residence with the Town Hall Theatre), Galway Dance Project and the Town Hall Theatre are excited to announce the recipients of the Artist Development Programme, Remote Control.

An initiative of Brú Theatre Company, The Town Hall Theatre and Galway Dance Project, Remote Control will support three Galway artists - Kristynn Fontanella, SJ Woods, and Fionnuala Doyle-Wade - in a 3-month residency.

The focus of the project, which will take place in Galway over the summer months, is not necessarily to produce finished pieces but to find new ways to engage with audiences, to develop practice, and to explore new ideas. Remote Control has been designed to be adaptable and responsive to the challenging situation which the arts and culture sector now finds itself in due to the COVID 19 crisis.

The programme will work with both theatre and dance artists. Remote Control offers each of the three artists €1,500, in-house workshops, and remote mentorships with established artists including Louise Lowe of Anu Productions and dancer and choreographer Oona Doherty. The programme will run from June to August.

Kristyn Fontanella is a dancer and choreographer residing in Galway, Ireland. As part of Remote Control, she wants to investigate new ways of integrating dance and theatre, specifically comedic performances into her creative practice. This programme will allow her the opportunity to garner information and skills from theatre practitioners in other fields, and she, in turn, can adapt that into movement which will be more relatable to the general public.

 Kristyn Fontanella

SJ Woods is a theatre-maker and creative producer. Her project will focus on the women’s experiences of the Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, Co. Galway. SJ will be using the Remote Control residency to research the experiences of the women inside the home and develop ways in which their stories can be presented as an immersive theatre experience.

 S J Woods

Fionnuala Doyle-Wade is a contemporary dance artist from Seattle, and currently based in Galway. As a part of Remote Control, Fionnuala will be creating three choreographic scores exploring how we relate to physical space and how physical space informs the way we move, as dancers and humans. The three scores will be shared on various platforms with an invitation for anyone to create and film their own variation.

 Fionnuala Doyle Wade

James Riordan is an Artist in Residence at the Town Hall Theatre, and is the Artistic Director of Brú Theatre, with their most recent production of Selvage earning him an Irish Times Theatre Award nomination for Best Actor. He is also a Performance Director for Macnas and is currently collaborating with Darren O’Donnell in creating a new theatrical sport for Babaró.

Galway Dance Project is a resource for professional dance in Galway city, county and beyond. Galway Dance Project is funded by the Arts Council and Galway city and county councils.

The Town Hall Theatre, managed by Fergal Mc Grath, is at the epicentre of Galway’s cultural activity, providing a platform and supportive environment for artists and arts organisations. In addition to presenting visiting national and international companies and artists, the venue’s annual programme features the work of a host of (professional and amateur) performers, companies and arts organisations from across the city and county.

James says “I am delighted to be heading this project with Galway Dance Project and the Town Hall Theatre. We received a lot of really good applications and it was great to see the calibre of work being made in the city and county. I'm very excited to get started and to work with these artists on their projects and on questions around what theatre can be in this new landscape and how we as performance makers can meaningfully engage audiences.”