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Aug 06 2020

Announcing the 2020 Baboró International Arts Festival

Celebrating children, families and community through art in all of its forms

We are delighted to announce that the 24th Baboró International Arts Festival for Children will take place in October. Our programme for 2020 will safely bring live performances, creative artistic experiences, visual art installations and interactive digital experiences to theatres, classrooms and homes over an extended period of several weeks.

This year’s festival will be an opportunity for families to celebrate together and have fun So much has been asked of children this year and we want to take a moment to celebrate them through this festival. We have been separated from our friends, teachers, coaches and extended families but yet we have found new ways to come together safely while staying apart. Baboró sees an opportunity to celebrate the togetherness that has been lost and found in this challenging time.

At its heart the festival will be a recognition of how much has been sacrificed by children and families in recent months and the promotion of kindness to self and to others. This year’s festival will be an opportunity for families to come together, to find creative expression for the upheaval of the past few months, and most importantly, to have fun.


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