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Oct 01 2020

We are determined and we will continue to work

Galway Youth Theatre, in rehearsal for a new play, is ready for whatever decision Government makes about Galway and another lockdown

It is, as Stephen Fry noted at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, “a very dark time for the performing arts”, and just as venues re-opened and shows were taking place once more - albeit on a small scale - Galway stands on the brink of a county wide lockdown.

Yet, Andrew Flynn, one of Galway’s leading theatre directors, and the director of Galway Youth Theatre, has been here before. Throughout the original lockdown, GYT did not cease, but adapted to the ‘new normal’ ensuring young theatrical talent in the city did not stagnate, but instead had a place to thrive and develop.

No matter what happens, even a second lockdown, Flynn and GYT are ready. “It is frightening, but this is also something we’re going to have to live with,” Flynn tells me during our Tuesday morning interview. “We’ve had a session with everyone involved and we feel we just have to keep going.”


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