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Feb 15 2021

Where next for the arts in Galway in 2021?

It will be the arts - one of the main industries devastated by Covid-19 - which will also get us through this year

For The Insider, engagement with the arts in 2020 often meant watching them from my sitting room with a cup of tea - or a G&T - in front of me, and, sadly, given the continuing uncertainties surrounding the rollout of the nation’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, that situation might remain unchanged for months to come.

Activity across many sectors of society – particularly in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors – came to a grinding halt in March last year. The pandemic, and the consequent public health measures, have been devastating for many, but for those working in the arts, culture, and event sectors in Galway and elsewhere – the artists, technicians, designers, musicians, performers, and support workers, everyone – the shutdown of March 12 was, and remains, seriously challenging.

Opportunities and livelihoods evaporated overnight and while Government support schemes and emergency funds followed, the normal operation of most arts and events organisations in Galway has been difficult as one Government announcement followed another, and lockdown followed lockdown.


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