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Jul 01 2021

Life from the back of a flatbed truck

Mikel Murfi in new outdoor play which comes to Galway’s Black Box Theatre car park on July 27

“THERE ONCE was a man in the middle of his life and he lived in the middle of a small town. He had a grand wee business for himself...moving people's lives from one place to another. He was a removals man.”

This is In MiddleTown, a new theatre show created by and performed by Mikel Murfi (The Man In The Woman's Shoes, I Hear You and Rejoice ), which will be performed at the Black Box Theatre car park on Tuesday July 27 at 8pm. It is being staged by the Gate Theatre, in partnership with Town Hall Theatre.

“It’s great to be getting back to Galway to perform,” said Mikel Murfi. “We’re back on the road, literally, in our truck. After so much time away from live performance it seems perfect that our first round-the-country venue is the 'City of my Tribe'.


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