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Oct 04 2021

The arts festival for children is here!

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children runs from Monday, 4 October until Sunday, 17 October and we have some of the highlights of an extended programme to mark its 25th year.

From its base in Galway the festival reaches its quarter century with an extended festival offering an extraordinary wealth of diverse and accessible events for all ages and in all artforms.

RTÉjr Radio are delighted to have linked in with the festival to bring Into the World Within to the airwaves. That also starts on Monday, 4 October with five shows over five nights.

The festival itself is all taking place in Galway city and county, in theatres, on streets, in schools, in bookshops, in a van, on walls, on beaches, on the airwaves, online and more.

So let's get a small taste of what is in store over the next two weeks!


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