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Mar 10 2022

I’ve always had that feeling nothing could stop me

Eddi Reader begins her ‘40 Years Live’ concert tour in Galway’s Town Hall Theatre

SITTING BY a river in the south of France on a windy day in 1980, as November and the dark and cold drew in, Eddi Reader made a decision that would change the course of her life, and define it over the next 40 years.

“I remember making a decision to do something with this ability I had with my voice, this love of music, this love of storytelling, this love of singing,” Eddi tells me, looking back on that day, during our Monday afternoon interview. “I’d played the folk festivals and had little bands, I’d worked with farmers, and busked in the south of France, and it was getting on to be November and the winds were howling. I wanted to get back home and see what happened.”

And what a choice it turned out to be, not only for her, but for anyone who loves music. By the end of the decade, Eddi would be No 1 with Fairground Attraction; by the 1990s she had established herself as a major contemporary folk artist; and in the years since she has become an MBE, a three time BRIT award winner; and a position as perhaps Scotland’s greatest living female vocalist.


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