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Aug 16 2022

Michael Collins lives

Michael Collins lives - playwright Jimmy Murphy on The Chief

'Where could I find the colour and shading needed to paint a truer picture of a man that a century of anger and heartache had reduced to one you either love or loathed?' Acclaimed playwright Jimmy Murphy, author of Brothers of the Brush and The Kings of the Kilburn High Road, tackles the life and legend of Michael Collins in his new play The Chief,

"…time will take up the theme from here, will tone it down into history and, later, lovingly embroider it as legend." - John Ryan, from Remembering How We Stood

However lovingly the legend of Michael Collins was embroidered, what is certain is that its cloth has mange to overshadow the real intentions of his signing of the treaty, and his actual reason for driving to Cork in 1922. That it has come to inform so much of the debate surrounding his last days, means all we've been left with is a crude, black and white sketch. A two-dimensioned caricature that even 100 years on, is still a potent topic for discussion.


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