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Mar 17 2024

Anna Burns among guests as Muldoon’s Picnic returns

Poet and musician Paul Muldoon and his band, Rogue Oliphant, will be joined by singer Glen Hansard, novelist Anna Burns and poet Padraig Regan for Muldoon’s Picnic at the city’s Town Hall Theatre on Monday, May 13, at 8pm.

It’s the opening show of a four-date tour from the renowned Armagh-born poet and friends. Based in New York, where he teaches at Princeton and is a former poetry editor with the New Yorker, Paul Muldoon embarked on these sessions 10 years ago at the city’s Irish Arts Center.

The show’s name comes from a popular 1880s’ New York vaudeville act that was based around Irish-American strongman William Muldoon.


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