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Jan 28 2016

Synge's Aran Islands at the Town Hall

JOHN MILLINGTON Synge’s classic prose work, The Aran Islands, comes to the Town Hall Theatre stage next week in a compelling adaptation by Joe O’Byrne and Co-Motion Media, and performed by Brendan Conroy, one of Ireland's finest actors.

First published in 1907, Synge’s book provides an absorbing description of life on the Aran Islands at the beginning of the 20th century, while also containing the seeds of some of his most famous plays.

“I had read the book before,” Brendan Conroy tells me over an afternoon chat. “I sometimes used parts of it in workshops and the like. It describes Synge’s first encounter with the islands, his first journey there, his first sight of the rocks, his first time in a currach, there is something extraordinarily fresh about all that. Slowly over the night of the play, and the way Joe O’Byrne has put it together, Synge moves from being an observer and a recorder into coming under the spell of this ferocious, strange world of the island, the rocks, the weather, the seas, the winds and the clouds; all these things come in on top of him.

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