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Feb 11 2016

Gerry Conneely in The Great Push

ON THE morning of September 25 1915, 75,000 British soldiers emerged from their trenches on the Western Front to begin what was then the biggest battle in British history, the Battle of Loos. It would also be the British army’s bloodiest day of the war so far.

On that day alone 8,500 British troops were killed in what proved an ultimately futile attack against the German defences. Among those who took part in the battle was Donegal writer Patrick MacGill, who was a stretcher-bearer with the London Irish Rifles, and was wounded on the opening day. MacGill described his experiences in the gripping memoir, The Great Push, much of which was written while he was waiting to go into action.

In the Town Hall studio, from Tuesday February 16 to Saturday 20 at 8.30pm, actor Gerry Conneely brings his sensitive and layered adaptation of The Great Push to the stage in a compelling evening of theatre.

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