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Mar 10 2016

GAA drama Face the Short Kick Out at the Town Hall

THERE ARE few, if any, families in Ireland, who do not have some connection with the GAA, either on, or off, the field. Even those with no involvement whatsoever are fascinated by what makes it tick.

It is this fascination that led Wicklow/Blessington writer/actor Richard Lynch cuts deep into the heart of the association - the club - to create Face The Short Kick Out, a powerful piece of drama, laced with rich earthy humour throughout, which comes to the Town Hall Theatre studio next week.

Lynch is well qualified to explore the subject as he was himself a player for many years; “GAA has been one of my main pursuits down the years along with theatre,” he tells me. “Now, I didn’t set the world alight as a player - I’ve no All-Ireland medals! I played at club level for Suncroft in County Kildare. Some people feel that world is the real GAA and the play is set in the club scene.”

Face The Short Kick Out is a one man show in which Lynch portrays some of the key personalities and events around a club called Kilkeeran. “It’s a fictitious story but based on my personal observations,” he reveals. “It spans the period from 1950s up to the present day. It focuses on club rivalries, the parochialism, and the intensity of it, the pride of a little village - all far removed from the Croke Park scene. It has that intimacy and tribalism when neighbouring clubs clash. The club is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Sonny Halpin lays bare much of the club’s history in an effort to rid himself of some of these ghosts that haunt him.”

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