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Mar 21 2016

The Plough and the Stars review at Abbey Theatre, Dublin - 'a bold update'

There’s something in the lungs of Sean O’Casey’s tragicomedy. “A curious kind of gaspin’ for breath”, observes the carpenter-come-philosopher Fluther Good (a sympathetic David Hanly). In a contemporary setting, this might warn of something other than rampant tuberculosis in overcrowded tenements, especially if sick youth Mollser (Mahnoor Saad), dressed like an economic migrant, coughs blood while singing the Irish national anthem.

In a bold update for Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, director Sean Holmes makes the best work of O’Casey’s Plough in years. Upon arrival to their flat, Nora Clitheroe (Kate Stanley Brennan) and her husband Jack (Ian Lloyd Anderson) settle into one-room accommodation familiar from recent footage of Ireland’s housing crisis. Domestic details of Jon Bausor’s wrought set, dominated by a tower of scaffolding, make privacy hard to come by.

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