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Middle-aged pair dance their way to happiness in Swing

Mar 25 2016

Swing, a two-hander from Dublin’s Fishamble Theatre will be staged at the Town Hall Theatre on Friday, April 1.

The play, starring Arthur Riordan and Gene Rooney, explores the lives of Joe and May –  a middle-aged pair who meet at a Dublin dance class and who are offered a second chance of happiness.

Joe used to run the family printing business, but it has been destroyed by new technology and online development. His wife has divorced him and his two sons, who live elsewhere, are busy with their own lives. He, meanwhile, is training in horticulture as he tries to re-invent himself. He’s also learning to lindy-hop at the dancehall across the road.

That’s where he meets May, a graphic designer who could have been an artist, but who failed to follow her dream. She lives with a boyfriend who works away from home regularly and her life is comfortable, if boring.


Read the full article on the Connacht Tribune website.

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