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Apr 21 2016

Paddy Cullivan - exploring the dark secrets of 1916

Satirist and historian on denying women the vote and the 'engineered death' of Michael Collins

HOW DID the lawyer who prosecuted the 1916 leaders end up in one of the highest positions in the Free State? Why were 280,000 women denied the vote in the Treaty Election of 1922? And why does Michael Collins' assassination remain shrouded in mystery?

These are the questions comedian and musician Paddy Cullivan, of The Late Late Show house band The Camembert Quartet, Callan's Kicks, Kilkenomics, and Joe Duffy's Funny Fridays on Liveline, will seek to answer in his new show The 10 Dark Secrets Of 1916 (And How They Shaped Ireland ).

A multi-media experience, Paddy will examine, through historical research, photographs, songs, and satire, the crucial years between 1916 and 1923, which saw the Easter Rebellion, the War of Independence, the creation of the Free State and Northern Ireland, and the disaster of the Civil War. He will also look at how the legacy of this period continues to affect modern Ireland, or in Paddy's words, lead to "the corrupt, inexplicable place we've become".

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