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May 06 2016

Ciara Nolan’s Féar - 'It’s all about a sense of place'

Artist talks about her new exhibition in the Town Hall Theatre bar

THE TOWN Hall Theatre bar was the location for the recent launch of the opening of artist and animator Ciara Nolan’s debut solo show, Féar (grass ), comprising prints of images from Nolan's short animated film of the same name.

Féar is an exploration into a sense of place, told through a journey of a figure through three environments - grass, rocks, and sky. There are several underlying themes to the show such as the fusion and tension between person and place, the cyclical nature of life, and the changing and fragile body.

“It follows this character through three environments,” Nolan tells me as she describes the film from which the exhibition is derived. “She is half girl, half grass; all of her limbs and head are made of grass. It starts off in a grassland environment which is actually based on the bog in Connemara so she is of that land and belongs there. It is all to do with sense of place. Everyone wants to belong somewhere but then there is also the drudgery of place so you don’t actually want to be stuck there at the same time.”

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