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May 21 2016

Abbey Theatre charges through KenCen...

You wouldn’t want to pass up a chance to watch the Abbey Theatre perform “The Plough and the Stars,” the Sean O’Casey play that provoked riots when the Dublin troupe debuted it in 1926. Two performances is too few of this revitalized signature piece, a featured part of the Kennedy Center’s Ireland 100 festival. The Wednesday-Thursday engagement in the Eisenhower Theater sold out.

What lucky ticketholders are treated to is an appropriately irreverent handling of a legendarily irreverent script. O’Casey wrote “Plough” a decade after the 1916 Easter Rising that triggered Irish independence, yet it was anything but a sentimental heroic account. The loquacious characters rattle around a Dublin tenement, arguing about class and religion and nothing at all for the first two acts.

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