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Jul 28 2016

Of veils and voyeurs

Photographer Tony Carragher exhibits at the Town Hall

THE TOWN Hall Theatre bar is currently hosting a fine photography exhibition by Irish artist Tony Carragher which is well worth making the effort to catch before it finishes on August 10.

Curated by Margaret Nolan, the exhibition features four distinct photography projects - Veil, Scorched Earth, Trinities, and American Voyeur - exploring urban scenes, landscape, and the body.

Tony Carragher was born in Crossmaglen, County Armagh, in 1960 and left Ireland to move to the United States in 1978. It was here his photographs first started being published in a range of arts journals, and he has had solo exhibitions of his work in Dallas, New York, and Miami. He has travelled widely around the US and Europe and for the past five years has lived in Spain.

“Leaving Ireland was a conscious effort to expand my intellectual boundaries,” Carragher tells me over a Monday afternoon phone conversation. “I felt a little bit trapped on the island intellectually, and I believed that for my intellectual development I would need to see more of the world. I also wanted to gain another language and I ended up learning to speak Spanish quite well.”

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