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Aug 16 2016

Gondla in Galway

Described as an epic tale of strike, poetry and revenge set in ninth century Iceland, Gondla tells the story of an Irishman who is set to marry the Icelandic King’s foster child in order to unite the two kingdoms. However, jealousy rears its ugly head within the king’s circle of royals, and a pack of malicious ‘wolves’ set out to bring Gondla down.

This is the first full-length play directed by Galway native Luke Morgan and also the first production of Gondla since it was originally staged in Russia in 1920. The play, which was penned by Russian poet Nikolay Gumilyov, was recently translated into English by Philip McDonagh, an Irish diplomat and poet.

Gumilyov was one of the most celebrated Russian poets of the twentieth century and a decorated war hero. The poet was executed at the age of 35 for alleged involvement in an anti-Soviet conspiracy, receiving a posthumous acquittal some 70 years after his death.

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