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Aug 25 2016

King of Pop for Galway

Last time the ‘Magic of Michael Jackson’ tour rolled into Galway, a couple met at the gig and ended up getting married. So it was fitting then that the show’s star Anthony Walker (aka Michael Jackson) sang their favourite Jackson hits at the wedding, which was held in Galway.

It’s three years since that gig and Anthony is very much looking forward to a return to Galway this Saturday, 27 August, when he’ll be singing the King of Pop’s hits in a live show at the Town Hall Theatre with a full band and dancers all providing the full Michael Jackson concert experience.

“The last time we played Galway a couple got married after meeting at the gig so I’d love it if that happened again! We hear so many stories at our shows and it’s great to hear them,” he says.

Anthony has been doing this for 25 years now, starting when he was 18. Since the King of Pop died suddenly in 2009, Anthony feels people still want to hear his music. “His musical legacy will live on forever. People have such fond memories of the music, his hits, seeing him live. This show brings it all back for them.”

Anthony, who is from Finglas in Dublin, saw the King of Pop’s three Irish concerts for the ‘Bad’, ‘History’ and ‘Dangerous’ Tours. He also saw him live at a Killer Thriller Party event which was limited to 3,000 fans.

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The Magic of Michael Jackson

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