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Sep 01 2016

I've always had a love affair with innuendo

WHEN AL Porter first discovered Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd, he declared "I have found my people", seeing in their bawdy, innuendo laden, humour, a sense of mirth chiming very deeply with his own.

Yet there is more. It is this form of comedy, often seen as 'light entertainment', which Al argues, surprisingly, yet persuasively, that is the most aware of the life's darkest, most tragic elements. Such opposing forces - light and dark, comedy and tragedy - animate his new show, Al Porter: At Large, which the 23-year-old star is bringing to October's Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway.

"I've always had a love affair with innuendo comics like Howerd and Williams," Al declares as we sit for the interview over a Saturday morning coffee. "In the sixties and seventies you had to speak in double-speak. Frankie Howerd couldn't let people know he was gay. Larry Grayson would never have been host of The Generation Game were it not for that kind of innuendo. It's subterfuge and I think there's a very innocent and cheeky quality to it. The audience knew, they were not so naïve, they were enjoying the playfulness and I want to bring that back.

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