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Sep 08 2016

He’s a lonely guy but with a huge heart

Marty Rea on playing Beauty Queen of Leenane’s Pato Dooley

TWENTY YEARS after they gave the play its world premiere and it became one of the company’s greatest successes, Druid are revisiting The Beauty Queen of Leenane for a landmark new production which opens this month in the Town Hall Theatre.

Marie Mullen, who played spinster daughter Maureen in that first staging, now portrays baleful mother, Mag, while Aisling O’Sullivan steps into the role of Maureen. While much of the play’s jet-black comedy and familial ferocity flows from the ceaseless conflict between the two women, a pivotal role is filled by the character of Pato Dooley, the man who offers Maureen a tangible chance of escape and love.

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