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Sep 15 2016

Disco Pigs - Enda Walsh's debut play turns 20

Award-winning new production comes to the Town Hall Theatre

WHILE NEXT week sees Druid open its 20th anniversary revival of The Beauty Queen of Leenane, 1996 also saw the premiere of another iconic Irish play which launched a stellar writing career; Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs.

Galway audiences will be treated to an award-winning new production of Disco Pigs which comes to the Town Hall Theatre, from London, on Monday, September 26.

Disco Pigs focuses on Cork teenagers Pig and Runt, born seconds apart in the same hospital. They share a fiercely intense friendship and an appetite for adventure and destruction. On the eve of their 17th birthday, fuelled by potent cider and burgeoning sexual desire, Pig and Runt celebrate by getting wasted and thumping anyone who gets in their way. But as their rowdy weekend reaches its climax, their unique relationship implodes with tragic consequences.

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