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Life is a series of aftershocks

Sep 24 2016

Orla Murphy on her hit play Remember To Breathe

WINNER OF a ‘Lustrum’ Award at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Orla Murphy’s acclaimed play, Remember To Breathe, comes to the Town Hall Theatre next week in a staging by Murphy’s own Figure 8 Productions.

Remember To Breath is about three people trying to survive the ‘aftershocks’ of world events. In a pool in New Zealand, Irish emigrant Maeve is learning to swim spurred on by ‘swimaholic’ coach Doreen. Even as she battles the water, Maeve’s heart is calling her home to an unresolved dilemma with her beloved father Johnny.

While Murphy has never been to New Zealand, she is no stranger to the emigrant experience, as she tells me after a day’s rehearsal; “I’ve emigrated numerous times. The last time was when I was offered film work in New York and while there my husband, who’s a lecturer, was still in Dublin. Being away as an older emigrant was very different. I felt very much the slip between there and home, your family is further away and it’s a whole different emotional territory. The Christchurch earthquake happened then and I remember watching it on TV and thinking ‘Jesus, that could happen, you could be miles away from home and your world could fall apart’ so I guess that was the germ of the play.”

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